Semisitting is the comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges associated with sedentary work, prioritizing postural health, mobility and adaptability in the work environment.

Semisitting is a dynamic seat designed to improve ergonomics and well-being in work environments. Its main characteristic is the ability to adapt to several work situations, both seated and semi-sitting, allowing position changes naturally to counteract muscle and joint discomfort. The product adjusts to the user’s morphology, offering versatility in different work activities.
The development of Semisitting involved a collaboration with the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV), highlighting its comprehensive scientific approach based on the ergonomic change of position. The innovation in its design focuses on breaking with the traditional conception of stools and seats, combining mobility, accessibility, comfort and stability.
The design approach is user-centric, seeking to adapt the product to the user and providing a wide and comfortable height-adjustable seat. Customization and adaptability are key elements, allowing adjustments to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue during use.
Semisitting® is a brand belonging to the FGROUP group. Semisitting is a registered and protected brand/product.  Registered trademark No. 18002373 / Intellectual property registration no. 005842697-0001 / 005842697-0002.