Semisitting is the firs first dynamic working seat which facilitates the position change

Semisitting redefines the work experience with its innovative dynamic seating, merging comfort and mobility in a sitting position. Its design breaks the norm by allowing the user to adapt the product, providing exceptional stability. Versatile and mobile, it is ideal for several work environments.


Semisitting draws from an exhaustive ergonomic study about the job position. Ergonomics, Health and Job Security. Semisitting meets the requirements with the aim of improving the well-being at the workplace.


Semisitting is made by the 14001 and 14006 ISO, used materials specially selected for their low environmental impact, with respectful production, more than 95% recyclability in its pieces and eco-friendly packaging.


Our products are made under the ISO 9001 strict standards. We also have the support of IBV (Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia) and AIDIMME (Technological Institute of Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related).


With a user-centric approach, where customization and adaptability are key elements, allowing adjustments to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue during use.


With its ergonomic design and adaptability, it promotes mobility and prevents fatigue, offering a comfortable and efficient experience.


Simplified design and innovative materials for durability and ease of cleaning.


With a pivoting base, it takes ergonomics a step further to offer an even more versatile and comfortable solution.


Ideal for humid and demanding environments. Strong, durable and easy to clean, with antimicrobial agents and high-quality stainless steel components.
Versatile and mobile, it is ideal for various work environments and sectors.
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