• Ergonomics, Health and Security

    Ergonomics, Health and Job Security. Semisitting meets the requirements with the aim of improving the well-being at the workplace.

  • Innovative design

    Its innovative design gathers the benefits that suppose the work sitting within the benefits that the work contributes being up.

  • Comprehensive Catalogue

    Its comprehensive catalogue offers a broad range of options so each user can personalise the product and adapt it to their needs.

“2020. Semisitting® renovates its certificates ISO, 9001 Quality Management and 14001 Environmental Management.”



  • Semisitting draws from an exhaustive ergonomic study about the job position.
    Semisitting is the solution.

  • Quality

  • Semisitting is built by the ISO 9001 standards.
    Semisitting is a guarantee.

  • Design

  • Semisitting is designed thinking about the user and its easy handling.
    Semisitting makes it easy for you.


  • Semisitting is made by the 14001 ISO, it is 95% recyclable.
    Semisitting is respectful with the environment.