Following the constant evolution of Semisitting®, we present you TWIST, the new version of the Semisiting® family.

After its already proven reliability as a dynamic seat that facilitates the change of posture while performing different tasks, Semisitting® goes one step further with TWIST. Combining the adaptability of the SWING models and the aesthetics of the INTEGRAL model, TWIST incorporates a pivoting base with which we manage to take a new step in our constant search for the best ergonomic solution for our clients.

Twist is available in two versions: rotating mechanism and tilting mechanism.

  • With a rotating mechanism, it allows the adjustment of the seat height by operating a lever on the right side of the seat. This version has 2 gas cylinder options: high (XL) and medium (M).
  • In the version with tilting mechanism, in addition to allowing the seat height to be adjusted, the seat tilt can also be adjusted. This version is available with 2 different cylinder heights: medium (M) and low (XS)


  • Adjusting the seat heigh
  • Seat tilt lock (tilting mechanism only)
  • Adjusting the seat tension


Semisitting TWIST is designed to be used with the feet always resting on the ground, in this way the product is stable and favors a dynamic posture.  The manufacturer is not responsible for the misuse of the product.